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Prayer Life

Learning to Pray-Part 1

"Prayer-the soul's breath- is of utmost importance in the life of a Christian. The presence of prayer in someone's life means that the person is spiritually alive. Without prayer, a person is dead..."

Learning to Pray-Part 2

"Learning to pray is essential.  We should master the skill of understanding the feeling of each phrase within a prayer so we are not simply reading aloud, but arousing and strengthening a prayerful spirit within us..."

Why Do the Orthodox....

Why Do The Orthodox Pray to the Saints?

"We know through the wisdom and experience of countless generations of Christians that there is power in praying for one another.  For this reason..."

Why Do the Orthodox Have Icons?

"It doesn't take long for someone who is curious about the ancient Orthodox faith to be suprised by the plethora of icons covering the inside of an Orthodox Church..."


On Human Suffering

"Why is there suffering in the world? Suffering ultimately comes from sin disrupting the cosmic order, but..." 

Why Does Evil Exist?

"One of the greatest causes of unbelief is evil...Evil things and events trouble us, and that is good because it means we are still in touch with our humanity..."


Apps for the Eastern Orthodox

Help in navigation to find quality Orthodox apps

Ancient Christian Voices

Writings from the early Church

What is Divine Liturgy?

Overview of the Orthodox Divine Liturgy

 If you are interested in more information about the content and flow of the Divine Liturgy service this video will walk you though the basics of the service. 

Orthodoxy 101

Proper Etiquette and Worship Practices

"The place to learn the externals of Orthodox worship are in your local parish...but this is simply a guide to help beginners feel a little less awkward when embarking down the Orthodox road..."

The Orthodox Home

"Your prayer rule, your fasting, your alms and all other spiritual acts are gifts to God...Your asceticism is your gift to God. Our Lord does not expect us to give more then we have..."

What Orthodoxy Is (and Isn't)

What Orthodoxy Is

Mysterious, sacramental, liturgical... just some of the observations on what Orthodoxy is..

What Orthodoxy Isn't

New, entertaining, condemning...just some of the obsevations on what Orthodoxy is not...

Spiritual Struggle

Feeling Frustration with the Spiritual Struggle

"Some Christians will go their entire lives and feel like they do not have any visible progress in the spiritual life. What they do not realize is that with every step of progress..."

The Everyday Martyrdom

"To intercede is not simply to say a prayer for someone, but to also quietly bear within us their burdens"...

Heaven and Hell

Heaven and Hell-A Different Perspective

Orthodox perspective on Heaven and Hell

Struggling Toward Salvation

"In Orthodoxy I'm confronted with an uncomfortable fact: the work of my salvation is in progress..."

Struggling with Hope

"Once we begin to recognize our sinful state a feeling of hopelessness can easily grip the heart. But such hopelessness is not godly..."

What is Vespers?

The Vespers Service in the Orthodox Church

Vespers is often the first service that new inquirers to the faith attend.  This video can provide you with more information about the content and flow of the service. 

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