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The Bible teaches that it is a sacred obligation of all believers to make sacrificial and proportional offerings to God in thanksgiving for God's many blessings. Our church is solely supported by the love shown in these contributions.


Holy Bread

Any member of the parish is welcome to make Holy Bread for Divine Liturgy.  There is a sign up sheet in the basement if you would like to make it as a memorial for a particular Sunday, or it can be made and frozen for use at a time of need. 

Bread seals are available in the bookstore. 

The following PDF attachment has the instructions for making Holy Bread.

Welcome To St. Mary's Orthodox Church
Icon of the Ascension

Church Interior

Welcome to St. Mary's Orthodox Church. The interior of Orthodox churches is unlike other churches.  If you have never been inside please look at our photo gallery.

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Icon of the Ascension
Icon of the Crucifixion
Iconostatis at the front of the church
Icon of the Nativity
Icon of Pentecost
Platytera Icon
Rear Wall
Icon of the Resurrection
Chanter's stand
Icon of the Theophany
Iconographic toweling on the walls

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